At RITS Consulting, We Believe in Giving Back.

When the passion project for was conceptualized, it was mainly aimed to provide the children in Africa the need for clothing. This dream was slowly realized when the first line of dresses was developed, and was further reinforced upon seeing joy in the innocent faces of these children, still free of any burden that re real world has in store.

This is not a short-term project, as we plan to establish a sewing school that would train and employ young adults to sew and send their brand new products to the orphanages in Africa, and eventually, the rest of the world. And we would be happy for you to be a part of this fulfilling venture.

At RITS Consulting, we not only believe in technology changing the world. We believe technology is only good when working with people that want to change the world. Help us in our journey and do your part in making a change.

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