Client Cleanlife360 gets a partner Think360ppe

Based on the incredible work our digital marketing team, performed, Cleanlife360 Personal Protection Equipment Startup hired RITS Digital at the beginning of the horrible, tragic pandemic to scale their business online and create digital strategies that would create Revenue targets with top search engine rankings. Based on our hard efforts, Cleanlife360 achieved 5 times their Ad Spends in conversions with Google Adwords and grew to generate 20 times their digital marketing budget. achieved first-page google and yahoo rankings on their two top-selling products. Cleanlife360 was a challenging project with strict Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ad restrictions. We achieved our surpassed our Ad campaign budget and created a great social following and online digital marketing strategy. It was so successful, that Cleanlife360 partnered with We are happy about's success. RITS Digital is proud of the process we call our Secret Sauce. Check us out to find out how our Secret Sauce can help your company grow.

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MyCar Parking App

Another native app from our RITS Mobile Development team. We created MyCar Parking App. It allows you to quickly set your parking, parking meter time, and garage floor location. Receive an alarm when you're parking meter is almost expired and click the Direction button and it will use your GPS to find your parking space. Developed as a native app for iOS and Android. We hope you visit us at

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